Al-Iman School is a NYC Early Childhood Center offering free, full-day, school-day 3K for All and Pre-K for All. Applications are accepted on a “first-come, first-serve” basis. Please enroll your child in the 3k for All or Pre-k for All program today. 3K and Pre-K students are NOT eligible for school bus transportation. 

Admissions requirements for academic year 2021-2022: 

3K Requirements

Born in 2018

New York City Resident 

Pre-K Requirements 

Born in 2017

New York City Resident 

Application (Online or Phone) 

  • Online: 
  • Phone: Call 718-935-2009 
  • Choose AL-IMAN SCHOOL (28QAAF)



  • You will receive an offer letter via email or regular mail. You can see the offer on your MySchools account. 
  • Accept the offer to Al-Iman School (28QAAF). 
  • We will contact you in July for orientation and registration. 


Necessary Documents 

After submitting the application and accepting the offer, we will ask you to complete a questionnaire packet and to bring the following documents to complete registration. 

  • Copy of Birth Certificate or Passport 
  • Two proofs of address (Lease, Utility Bill, ID Card, Government Issued Letter, etc.) 
  • Health Form (completed by your child’s health provider) 


For more information, visit  or
For any questions or concerns, please call the Pre-K office at (516) 302-4950 or email us to

Please review Al-Iman School’s NYC Quality Snapshot at