Qualified Faculty

The School has 34 men and women on its faculty, each of whom is qualified and experienced to teach at various levels of the educational spectrum. The School requires its faculty to periodically take refresher courses to update their skills and keep abreast of new trends in education and improve their delivery of instructions.

Part of the teaching process requires classroom management techniques and workshops and seminars are offered to the faculty to discuss, learn from and implement learning styles and various intelligences to enable students learn in comfort and meaningfully.

Helpful Administrative Staff

Al-Iman’s administrative staff are the important cog in the wheel, behind the scenes ensuring records are kept, supplies are available, schedules maintained, classes manned and parents informed of anything untoward or pleasant and of the child’s progress and developmental needs. The administrative staff supports the teaching efforts of the faculty and creates an atmosphere that is conducive to learning.

Qualified Nurse

A qualified full-time nurse takes care of minor injuries, ailments and complaints and s/he is able to summon help from Medical facilities should the need arise.

Professional Kitchen Staff

Helpful catering staff see to it that healthy, halaal, wholesome food is served for breakfast and lunch to the students and that no one goes hungry.

Friendly Ancillary Staff

The ancillary staff are at the beck and call of the school to keep the place in good repair and clean, safe and sound as children run down the corridors or in the gym or staff hurry from class to class or when students gather for the mid-day prayers.

Commitment to Excellence

The faculty and the administration are committed to excellence in competence and performance at all levels of the learning and teaching process. Hence, the need and encouragement to the faculty to take professional development seriously and make efforts to take advantage of the opportunities available to them within the school and without the school. Collegial seminars and workshops are also held in the School on various topics, including disciplinary management and student relations.

Hiring Standards and Employment

To maintain the highest possible standards the teachers are, therefore, vetted, chosen and observed. Thus, qualifications of the faculty are of paramount importance. 70% of the teaching staff are qualified with a Bachelor’s degree, while 30% have obtained a Master’s degree. Our teachers have vast educational experience and expertise in various subjects that they are called upon to teach. For those interested in a position, resumes with a cover letter are directed to admin@al-imanschool.org.

Moral Values

Paper qualifications aside, in an Islamic School, the teachers are parent-surrogates, role-models of Islamic behavior. Hence, the School demands not only educational qualifications of its faculty but also requires that each faculty member train the children in appropriate Islamic character and behavior by acting upon the tenets of Al-Islam. The female teachers have to be appropriately and modestly attired so that the hijab-clad female students learn appropriate dress-code and modesty in behavior. The male-teacher is expected to grow a beard so that he is seen as a person of probity and Islamic credential. When teachers come for interviews, they are observed and the selection process is stringent.