In USA, education is the right of every child and the Government has set up schools to ensure that right is fulfilled. However, they cater to the secular needs only, whereas a human being is both a temporal and spiritual creation and needs abound in both these aspects of the human being.

Hence Al-Iman School has taken it upon itself to provide a balanced education that caters to both the needs: secular and spiritual. Parents who feel the need to train their children for the Here and The Hereafter send their children to Al-Iman to ensure that not only academically but morally and spiritually their children attain the ‘whole’ (secular) and ‘holy (religious) values. The School is accredited by the New York City and the New York State Board of Education.

Inception and Growth

On the orders of Ayatollah al-Khoei, Al-Iman School in New York opened its doors to four children in September 1990; with that it started an evolutionary process that, within four years, resulted in the first fully fledged Pre K-12 Islamic school in North America. The growth from Kindergarten to Grade School to Junior High to High School can only be described as phenomenal. Every year, between 1990-1994 several grades were added simultaneously as applications poured in, pregnant mothers registered their children and waiting lists grew by the day.

In September 1994, Al-Iman School added the high school component and in 1998 the first class of seniors – a historic moment – graduated to go to various reputable universities and colleges such as Stony Brook, St John’s, Columbia, New York University, Baruch etc. in the country. Since 1994, many an Al-Iman Junior High School students sat for and aced the Specialized Entry Examinations to High Schools and Academies. Al-Iman alumni can be seen inter alia, in medical colleges, nursing colleges, law schools and institutions of higher learning and repute.