We are gradually progressing in facilitating our school with various means of technology through your support. One of those means is the Rediker Plusportals. It allows the administration, staff, parents, and students integrate with one another on one platform. An important feature of ParentPlus that may be put to immediate use is the Online Billing system. Using the email address that was provided by the parent to the school office, parents will be able to LOGIN into an account on the portal and view their child/ren’s progress, grades, notifications, and of course, billing. The ParentPlus mobile application is available on iOS and Android.
The billing feature allows you to pay school fees and tuition using your credit card in the comfort of your home. We have attached a brief manual to this letter to guide you through the steps for logging into the portal and paying bills. Please watch out for an email in your inbox for a link that leads you to create a password for your account.
Additionally, please note coming forward, Al-Iman School will be sending out emails, text messages, and automated voice mails to parents regarding school updates, notifications, and emergencies, and other information. For that matter, below is a simple form that we request you to fill in to verify and update our current contact records.
We strongly urge you to make maximum beneficial use of this program. Since this program is new to us, we are all learning as we go forward. For any questions or concerns regarding account setup or usage, information updates, username/password/reports etc., please email farva@al-imanschool.org or call the school office.