Al-Iman School

Rationale, Inception and Growth

Al-Iman School was established in 1990 to train our children not only academically but morally and spiritually, so they may attain the ‘whole’ (secular) and ‘holy (religious) values. The School is accredited by the New York City and the New York State Board of Education. Read More.

Qualified Faculty and Staff

The School has men and women on its faculty, each of whom is qualified and experienced to teach at various levels of the educational spectrum. The School requires its faculty to periodically take refresher courses to update their skills and keep abreast of new trends in education and improve their delivery of instructions.

Part of the teaching process requires classroom management techniques and workshops and seminars are offered to the faculty to discuss, learn from and implement learning styles and various intelligences to enable students learn in comfort and meaningfully. Read More.

Facilities and Equipment

Well equipped science and computer labs, in door and out door basket ball courts, library, conference room, congregation hall, assembly area and lunch room. Plans for a gymnasium and a swimming pool are in the works. Read More.

Non-Discrimination Policy

School does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion or national origin. Anyone willing to abide by the school’s principles and practices is welcome.